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Jess Petersson - Coaching, Sport Retreats and Day Excursions Andalusia


Freebird is the answer to the often asked question ' what's next after three law degrees and two Olympics?'

Hi I am Jess Petersson, founder of Freebird.  Freebird aim is to enrich lives through sport and travel  experiences. 

Sport, international culture and travel have always been a big part of my life. I was born a dual citizen. I arrived in one country, and 3 months later travelled internationally to be christened in another. By the age of 9 I travelled solo internationally, catching 3 flights in a day. By 13 moved from Denmark to the Isle of Man. By 17 I was working (100% German speaking role) in Germany on Sports camps. Thereafter, as a sporty university student (degrees from 3 continents), with 3 languages, the stage was set and 20 years of living, working and racing all over the world began. 

After competing in my second Olympics, Rio 2016, I took a step back. I wanted the next step to allow me to combine the knowledge from the experiences I had gained, to do something fun and meaningful. To share the love for sport and travel. To provide knowledgeable and encouraging  support, wherever someone is in their health and fitness journey.  From those first unsteady steps, to those targeting the next Olympics. 

I wanted to share the beautiful outdoor paradise of rural Andalusia, running Spain on quiet trails, and local towns with jaw dropping history, architecture and culture. I wanted to create something different, something truly authentic. I particular enjoy working with solo travellers and small groups.  I live here year round, and love 'drop ins' for coaching  and day excursions. 

Got a event you are training for? 

Freebird, based in Andalusia offers a surprisingly economically option, to get the training in, somewhere beautiful, with a pleasant climate, and with built in ready made training partners and support system.  There are options for beach running and altitude training camps.

I am  committed to give back to sport, to get more people to find enjoyment in a active lifestyle. Locally, I aim to increase the participation ratio of women from 20% to being closer to 50% at events.  I am grateful for having been made to feel  welcome here in Andalusia, and take being a ambassador for the area responsibly, including supporting local not for profit groups. Internationally, at the top end performance side, I have projects supporting women reaching for the International Olympic Standard, and the American Olympic Trials standard in the marathon. 

If you like the sound of Freebird, I hope you will contact me. 

I would love to be part of your sports journey, and introduce you to new trails to RUN. EXPLORE. SOAR!