Tokyo 20202 Olympics: Join the Team.


I am inviting  collaborations on the road to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. 

  • Going to the Olympics, although a privilege; it requires a big commitment of time, and often involves economic stress, as very few marathon athletes receive a sponsorship stipend, if any financial support at all. For a lot of athletes, and disproportionately more female athletes, chasing the Olympic dream leads to debt, as the time and economic commitment to training and racing, minimises earning capacity to stay solvent.
  • Sponsorships in the form of providing or exchanging of products, services or work collaborations are also helpful, sought after, and greatly appreciated. Why sports sponsorship? We have heard a lot about influencer marketing , however, sports sponsorship still offers more benefits, more variety and  is a more powerful form of marketing. Moreover, sport sponsorship is often tax deductible.

If you are interested in being a partner on this journey, or pledging a sponsorship donation, I would LOVE to hear from you.

Thank you for visiting the Jess Petersson - Freebird website 

Please visit my network below; the Freebird flock. Great people, products, services, and causes.

Sponsors & Partnerships

Antonio Lizana / Gestoría Loja


Antonio, has been invaluable in handling the vast administrative requirements of living in, and running a business in Spain. He has been patient in understanding the unique matters relating to the Freebird concept. Prompt and effective action, and has gone the extra mile on more than one occasion. Antonio, speaks Spanish and English his services include administration required for business, property, car, insurance, and tax, and more. (Gestoría Loja) (services nationwide)

Garden of Life / Nutrition


Garden of Life, has fantastic products keeping me healthy during training and travel. Only clean, organic, whole food ingredients that are traceable back to the seed. No GMOs, bioengineered, synthetic ingredients, artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors or chemicals. Many of the products are organic and vegan. The sports line is Informed and NSF compliant to ensure no athletic banned substances in the finished product or ingredients. They are always introducing new products. Check them out at:

Adolfo González Rivera / Alhama Academy


Adolfo has built the Alhama Academy from the ground up. The language academy provides courses in Spanish, German, French and English. The Academy is a fully accredited Cambridge English Exam Centre. It is a impressive language academy in rural Andalusia. Adolfo and the Academy have been a great resource and fully supportive of the language, sport and travel themes of Freebird, and open to creative collaborations. Visit the Alhama Academy website to find out more.

Henry & Linda Chatelin / Ortopedia Chatelin


I am very grateful to Henry and Linda Chatelin for the orthotics sponsorship. 

As a marathon runner my feet are given a hard time, and the Chatelin Ortopedia  custom made orthotics will make a big difference in training and racing. They used technology to show foot mechanics, and  and how the solution they  provided impacted the issue. They do much more than just orhtotics, they do everything relating to foot health, they also provide additional mobility services, they even rent out wheelchairs. They speak Spanish, English, German,  and Dutch. Connect with them directly at their clinic in Nerja, Andalusia or via Ortopedia Chatelin on Facebook.

Granada Run Project


Granada Run Project is a great group of people united in their passion for sport and life. The group welcome everyone from the complete beginner to elite athletes. The have a club coach and regular track sessions. I am excited to be part of this group, and to be part of their commitment to gain greater representation of women in running. They are also motivating my development of Spanish language skills. They have been very supportive of my pro racing and helpful with the administration that entails.  I hope to contribute to the project, in any way I can, and also to encourage growth in our female membership numbers. I support the club members by providing a 20% discount across all Freebird services whether is is a marathon training plan, sports massage, training camp retreat, or business English coaching. Join us: 

Freebird Official Training Partner & Translation Provider


Malaga Marathon and Half Marathon Event weekend, in seeking to take the event to the next level and gain IAAF Road Race Label recognition, entrusted Freebird as the Official Training Partner and Translation Provider. Training plans were developed in English and Spanish for for the event. Freebird provided over 5000 words of Spanish to English translation. This included key information for the event weekend, information for visitors to the Malaga province, reciprocal exhibitor agreements, as well as all the rules and regulations associated with the events and the new data protection laws. A  event set for big developments, as is befitting of a key event in Malaga, the 2020 European City of Sport.

Sponsors & Partnerships

Karen Parnell / Chili Tri


Karen, has grown as a friend and a mentor, and has a gift for asking the hard questions. She is the coaches coach and assessor for British Triathlon. She has worked with Olympic and Paralympic medalists, she knows what it takes. She also has a keen eye for technique, and is the go to person on sports gadgetry and analysis. She coaches all aspects of triathlon, as well as running Metafit Spain.

OPPORTUNITY - Shoe Sponsor


Shoes- probably one of the things marathon runners value the most. Big marathon cycles are often many weeks of 100+ miles week in and week out, add to that the unforgiving terrain and extremes in temperatures, and the shoes are well worn very quickly.  Hanging on to old shoes for too long have been a cause of running related injuries for me. So I am excited for a running shoe partnership.  

Paul / Chilli Technology


If Freebird is Sport, Passion & Language, then Chilli Tech is Sport,Passion & Technology. 

Thank you for providing great products including a top of the line action camera. 

They offer Action Cameras for all sports. Snowboarding, Skiing, Cycling, Wakeboarding, Diving, Mountain Biking. If you love outdoor sports, they have an Action Camera for you. 

* Bullet Action Cameras

* Waterproof Action Cameras

* Full HD 1080p Action Cameras

Freebird Activity & Massage Provider / El Amparo


Nick and Jody Day have made El Amparo a sanctuary. They can help you organise outings to explore the cultural delights of the area, and if you want to just relax by the pool, they are on hand with a cooling drink! Situated just outside Granada in southern Spain, El Amparo is a beautiful Spanish farmhouse B&B, in the style of a traditional Andalucian rural hotel surrounded by olive groves, wheat fields and mountains. Ideally located for visiting the cities of Granada, Cordoba and Seville, it is a place of calm and tranquility, whilst still ensuring those creature comforts. El Amparo is ideally suited for all holiday activities, cycling, walking, painting, sightseeing, and with a dedicated spa area to relax after all the outdoor adventures.

Freebird Supports / Cortijo de Segura


Freebird tips are shared between charities and not for profit organisations. Please do visit the organisations directly to find out more and support them. Cortijo de Segura take on horses & ponies who have previously been rescued by wonderful people and organisations. 

Once they have been physically healed, they carry on with the rehabilitation of these animals on an emotional and behavioural level. The scars these horses bear can run very deep due to  abuse and neglect in early life. Using Positive Reinforcement Training they help them overcome their fear of humans to become happy, confident horses. 

Please find out more about these fantastic people and animals.

Freebird Supports / ASAP


Freebird tips are shared between charities and not for profit organisations. Please do visit the organisations directly to find out more and support them. ASAP rescues abandoned and mistreated dogs, puts them into foster homes, where they are  socialised and cared for and then finds them forever homes. ASAP supports the neutering of street dogs, that are not likely to be adoptable and tries to ensure that they are looked after in situ. ASAP is a tiny group of volunteers, and as a registered charity ASAP relies solely on donations to help vulnerable street animals. Click link  to see dogs looking for homes, and the ASAP webshop with handmade clothes and accessories, all sale proceeds benefit the ASAP dogs!