Action, Values and Charity work.

  • I enjoy working at Freebird, and sharing days on the trails. I also wish to continue to contribute to awareness and action for Human Rights, the Environment, and Animal Rescue. It is a motivator to have a come back and aim for qualification for Tokyo 2020 Olympics. For this to be possible I will need to partner with organisations. I am a ambassador for and a local Environmental Volunteer group working to preserve the beautiful nature I love to explore. 
  • Below are some ideas where I need help to make a bigger impact, do contact me if interested.
  • Athletic Performance Charity Bonus: Seeking partnerships to raise funds for charities, in lieu of performance bonus through race challenges, records and results. Possibly form part of a corporate CSR scheme and tax deductible.
  • Research for Practical Action: Current research interest is in the abolition of modern slavery. Seeking organisations active in this area to collaborate with and contribute to their scope of awareness and ongoing action. 

Jess Petersson running triathlon camps andalusia  spain

Charities and Not For Profit Organisations


  • Discounts or Fee Waiver Options available for Charities and Not For Profit Organisations. Such as charity team coaching or speaking engagements in exchange for charitable donation.      
  • A Percentage of Annual Profit Donated to Charity.There are many great charities to support. However, please do visit and support the two charities selected for 2018:
  • ASAPGranada Animal Rescue. ASAPGranada is a local real grassroots group of compassionate people, making personal sacrifices to rescue and rehome abandoned animals, and provide veterinary treatment for street animals.  and
  • Survival International. Global movement for tribal peoples' rights. Help them defend lives, and protect their lands.